It all started when...

The Mississippi Arts Commission supported me with a grant that allowed me to create a series of paintings titled “Immigrant Stories” where I will be portraying immigrants and telling their stories through a painting or sculpture. How they came to the United States, why or how they have succeeded in this America. The goal of this project is to show people the cultural value that immigrants bring to this country and the state of Mississippi.  

The process of this project starts by doing an interview with the prospect model to know more about his or her background. Then, I do a photo shoot with the model and experiment with some poses that will help me compose the painting.

Model: Kanami Broome

Model: Kanami Broome

Once the photo shoot is done and I have selected the image, I start sketching directly into the canvas and start composing the painting by adding more elements that represent the model's story. 

When the sketch is done, I start with the painting process, sometimes experimenting with different kind of materials, like gold leaf in this case.

When using oil paints, the painting process can take longer depending on the layering and drying of the oils.