Hector Boldo's work is dynamic, full of color, and reflective of his roots, mood, and personality. In his work,
he uses oils to
deconstruct Mexican culture and American pop culture, folkloric dancing, celebrities, his dreams, and finds inspiration in other artists. 

Hector's works start off as a sketch in his book, an emotion, a photograph found online, or a random thought.
Often times this inspiration comes in waves and he will paint a series in one theme, letting one piece inspire
the other. Painting multiple pieces with a single theme in mind is one of the things he is passionate about.

Hector enjoys experimenting with various mediums and learning how to incorporate those into his works.
He would like to begin sculpting and mixed media in his future endeavors. He continues to grow as an artist
by exploring the many medias and is excited by all the amazing possibilities they can bring when combined.